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Retired pension amounts for teachers and Administrators of District 113A and 210

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Lemont High School is Deficit spending two years in a row! 


The following may shed some light on “just some” of the reasons! 
 Notice the huge raises of $43,000 and $50,000 a year for the Superintendent!

It is very interesting to see what incomes retired individuals receive. I commend the efforts of “For the Good of Illinois” in putting this information together. Please consider helping this organization for their efforts.

First, you need to sign up.

When you complete signing up, select the box – employer status “retired”. Then select in the next box “Public School Teacher”. On the next page select employer and then the school district you would like to see. It is really quite simple!



Thomas Madden, who retired from Lemont High School in 2002 as Superintendent is now part of the search firm (School Exe Connect  hired by the  High School Board to find Dr. Doebert’s replacement. By the way Dr. Doebert is also a Associate of this company).

Thomas Madden is collecting a retirement MONTHLY annuity of $14,726.00. And guess who pays this. Us, of course!

Pay for Thomas Madden for 2001 and 2002

Pay for Sandy Doebert from 2001 through 2010. The taxpayers in 2002 paid Thomas Madden and Sandy Doebert  salaries that when combined added up to $347,451.60.

Notice the jump in Sandy Doebert’s pay for one year of around $50,000.00 for 2003 that’s a 46% increase. And another major pay increase of $43,000.00 for 2008 which is a 21% increase. Why did the board increase her salary by that much in those years?

Sandy Doeberts Pay from 2001 thru 2010

Albert G. Albrecht who retired from Lemont High School in 2001 is collecting a monthly retirement annuity of $8,818.87.

Cele Albrecht who retired from Lemont Bromberek Combined School District in 2001 is collecting a monthly retirement annuity of $4,670.41.

                                      NO WONDER WE HAVE DEFICITS AND HIGH TAXES!                                                    ”Time we started changing things!”


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One Response to “Retired pension amounts for teachers and Administrators of District 113A and 210”
  1. Louis Emery says:

    $240k/year for a superintendent in 2002… That’s big money in 2002 (8th highest in Illinois). It’s good thing for the district that he retired at that time. Otherwise his pay would have continued with the pay hikes I see in Illinois school districts in the period 2002-2010. I don’t begrudge anybody for negotiating the highest salary possible. It’s the board that has to negotiate in the opposite way. It would be interesting to know what the board at the time was thinking.

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